Great White Lion Activation 2013 & Montsegur

Livia Ether FLOW


lion stars2

Tekst ten postanowilam zamiescic w zwiazku z poprzednia notka The Return of the Ark of Covenant, rowniez zwiazana z aktywacja GWL, w ktorej to zamiescilam info podane przez Rakesha, a mianowicie ze:

12dec will bring back (Lion APIN + PSG12), 12-base-Tone-Harmonics that hasnt been here for 26.000 years. (when them messed with gate12…)”

a takze ciekawa mapke, na ktorej przedstawiono:

The Great White Lion Guardian APIN System

APIN Network;  Planetary Grid Network

Great White Lion (GWL) – Guardian of Verticals (Egypt – Water)

“The heart of the Lion APIN is located at the 12-dimensional (12D) energy centre (node, stargate portal) in France. It stabilises the 12 primary ‘vertical’ axiatonal lines. The Golden Eagle Grid is anchored on the D8 stargate (the control centre). It stabilises the 12 primary ‘horizontal’ ley lines. The Lion is the Guardian of the North and…

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